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What Our Fans Are Saying


 Find out why it's so hard to Re-sist our snacks!




"No yucky added chemicals such as preservatives, thickeners, colors or stabilizers. No GMO, peanuts, lactose, gluten or soy. And no added cane sugar, oils, or processed salt. All win in my opinion!" – Denise Keller





"What better way to eat than with natural and minimally processed food, which is packed full of flavour and also healthy! NO added chemicals such as preservatives, thickeners, colours, or stabilisers." – Paul Foster





"It’s heartening to know that brands such as Re- Foods who care about their ESG (environmental, social, governmental) metrics, are growing in number, making it much easier for us consumers to adopt more sustainable food choices." – Charlotte Mei





"The ingredient lists are hilariously short and just the way I like it! 😂 These cashews I'm eating here have also helped boost farmer livelihoods through the setting up of 4 co-operatives that pay above-average prices to more than 3400 farmers in la Grai, Vietnam." – Brenda Tan





"Buying items consciously from ethically-sourced brands like Re- Foods helps to reduce emissions, ensure the sustainability of farmers, restore healthy ecosystems, and save our planet for future generations." – Jiamin Yang





"My favorite is their delicious high-grade almond nuts that are perfectly roasted with right amount of salt! Most of all, it's amazing how they create a positive impact to our planet." – Gizelle Gail