Lightly Salted Nut Mix

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100% Natural. No Added Colours or Preservatives. 

Product Description

Enjoy the variety and crunch in our Lightly Salted Nut Mix. This scrumptious selection of almonds and cashews is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and heart-healthy fats. And because our almonds are grown in Australian orchards that run on 75% clean renewable energy, they also help to reduce carbon emissions.


Roasted Almonds, Roasted Cashew Nuts, Rock Salt.

Contains tree nuts. May contain traces of soy.

Vegan. No gluten, lactose, peanut, flavours, colours, preservatives, or GMO ingredients.

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Protein (g)



Fat (g)



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Impact Story

To reduce climate impact, our almond orchards switched to run on 75% clean renewable energy sources. Learn more in this video.

Featured Recipe

Can these premium nuts help fight climate change?

To reduce climate impact, our almond orchards in Australia use renewable solar and wind sources for 75% of their energy needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which nuts are the healthiest?

Different nuts offer different health benefits, but in general, they rich sources of protein, fibre, and heart-healthy fats. Almonds are often considered especially healthy due to boasting impressive amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Cashews are another nutrition-loaded nut, and are particularly valued for being high in copper, magnesium, and manganese. Try our Lightly Salted Nut Mix to enjoy the benefits of both these tasty nuts!

Are nuts high in protein?

Nuts are among the best plant-based sources of protein. This makes them ideal for vegetarians, vegans, and others who cannot consume animal products. Nuts are also a great snack for athletes, who need high amounts of protein for fuel. 

Are nuts fattening?

Though nuts are high in fats, most of them are unsaturated or “good” fats. Eating unsaturated fats has been linked to many health benefits, such as lowering your blood cholesterol, inflammation, and risk of heart disease and other illnesses. Enjoying nuts in moderation can also assist with weight loss, because their high protein and fibre content can prevent overeating by keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

Are nuts good for digestion?

Because nuts are a source of fibre, they can help to keep your digestive system in good working condition. The fibre in nuts provides fuel for your beneficial gut bacteria, which promotes a healthy and balanced microbiome. These good bacteria also convert the fibre into short-chain fatty acids, which are necessary for optimum gut health.

Do these nuts contain added chemicals?

Our Lightly Salted Nut Mix does not contain any preservatives, stabilisers, artificial colours, or artificial flavours, and it is free from GMO ingredients. Taste the difference that real, 100% natural and healthy food makes!

Trace your positive impact

Because growing and harvesting almonds requires high amounts of energy, most almond orchards are heavy users of fossil fuels.

Burning fossil fuels generates carbon emissions, which are harmful to the environment.

To reduce climate impact, our almond orchards switched to renewable wind and solar energy for 75% of their energy needs.

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Innovative packaging for our planet

As useful as it is, plastic is an enemy of nature. That’s why we're continuing to work hard to remove all traces of plastic from our packaging.

Our goal is to be 100% plastic-free.

We're 91% of the way there. So, if you or someone you know has an idea that can help us achieve our goal, please reach out to us at

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Customer Reviews

I am a HUGE nut lover but never knew about the resources required to produce them nor bothered to find out. Refoods has definitely opened my eyes to these issues and I love the positive impact that the brand is seeking to make. Love the Lightly Salted Nut mix!
Seanna (@fatpigdiary)
I really enjoyed snacking on the mixed nuts, they are larger and a lot more flavorful than the usual ones. Gotta try it to believe!
Monica (@foodieggy)
The nuts tasted really fresh and good. I am especially happy that the mix nuts version has hazelnut in them because hazelnut is such a treat!
Clarence (@clarencewx)
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Lightly Salted Nut Mix

S$ 9.6

(150 gms)
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