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Re-munerating farmers


Despite being essential to the global food supply, up to 800 million people engaged in agriculture live in poverty. Lack of training in modern farming techniques keeps many small farmers from progressing beyond subsistence agriculture.


Making matters worse is the habitual overuse of pesticides and fertilizers, which leads to unhealthy soils and ever diminishing returns. And without organization and combined bargaining power, farmers are often underpaid for their crops.


We ensure that the people who grow and process our ingredients are fairly compensated.

And we support communities with access to agricultural training, finance, healthcare, and other resources to improve their livelihoods.

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Illustration of a cashew farmer holding a basket
Illustration of a coffee farmer holding a basket

Re-vitalizing People

We believe in growing together. Improving the quality of life for our farmers and factory workers, and their families and communities, is key to our business.


For example, we employ more than 500 women at our cashew processing facility in Pleiku, Vietnam, where they can work for fair wages in a safe space. Before, most women in the area used to work in the granite and furniture industries, where fine dust posed a health risk.

We installed 100 streetlights in Ia Grai, Vietnam, to make cashew farming villages safer after dark.

Now, women and girls can go for evening walks, and the number of motorcycle accidents has greatly decreased.

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